Case Studies

At Zentered, we pride ourselves with providing clients the latest technology harnessed for to reach their profitability and usability goals. Showcased are client case studies, that demonstrate Zentered’s success in creating unique, transformative website-based solutions.

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Accelerate the pace of hardware innovation with Volition Marketplace

With a foundation of the largest industrial catalog designed for part discovery and sourcing, we’re not only building a marketplace, but we are building a tool to help individuals and teams more efficiently build better products at all stages of the development cycle.

Technical Marketing Site

cert-manager is a powerful and extensible X.509 certificate controller for Kubernetes and OpenShift workloads. It will obtain certificates from a variety of Issuers, both popular public Issuers as well as private Issuers, and ensure the certificates are valid and up-to-date, and will attempt to renew certificates at a configured time before expiry. CNCF-hosted and 100% open-source. We worked with the cert-manager contributors and the marketing team from Jetstack to develop the new cert-manager site and documentation with Next.js. Testing and deployment was done through Netlify.

Visual Components for Industrial Automation

Copia Automation delivers modern developer tools for industrial automation. Built for automation and control engineers, Copia's flagship offering provides Git-based source control for PLC programming. Copia's robust version control, change visibility, and collaboration streamlines how industrial machinery is commissioned and operated, resulting in faster delivery and maximized uptime.

Product Website

Opstrace is an observability platform that circumvents tradeoff by matching costs to the users who receive value from their service. Opstrace's platform is open-source and its clusters can be created easily via command line tools.

Improving Wellness with Greyfinch

Greyfinch is an innovative orthodontic practice management software. The software can automate, manage, and grow every section of your practice. The system has a proven record of boosting new patients on average by 60%. That’s an average jump of 60% in new patients!

Transparent Supply Chain Management with Retraced

Retraced is a supply chain solution created to support retail businesses in their quest to increase transparency and sustainability. The system’s primary goal is to address the intersection where impact meets efficiency – making transparency a service.

Improving Accessibility to Cryptographic Protocols with Smallstep

Smallstep offers the most widely deployed cryptographic protocols in the world with a diverse range of programming languages that integrate into databases, queues, and proxies. Its goal is to help developers, operators, and logical systems securely communicate anytime, anywhere. The solutions are standards-based, using an open-source core and includes workflows used by development teams.

Technical Marketing Site

Linkerd adds security, observability, and reliability to Kubernetes, without the complexity. CNCF-hosted and 100% open-source. We worked with Buoyant's CEO William, Thomas Rampelberg, and their marketing department to develop the new Linkerd site based on the static page generator Hugo and the content management platform Forestry. Testing and deployment was done through Netlify.

Revamping the Website for Buoyant

Buoyant is the creator of open-source service mesh Linkerd ( Created in 2016, Linkerd powers production infrastructure at companies around the globe, including Salesforce, Credit Karma, Expedia, BigCommerce, and PayPal. It is the provider of open-source tools for developers, operators, and enterprises to operate their Kubernetes and cloud native applications safely and reliably.

Typeform Marketplace

Typeform is a Barcelona-based online software that specializes in online form building and surveys. We worked with Typeform to develop the concept for an integrations marketplace, which eventually led to Typeform Connect.

Bringing Web Innovation to the Yachting Community

Boatim is an international online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading ships, boats, and yachts. The platform acts as a special interest social network for lovers of the boating industry.

Improving Efficiency of Alternative Investments with AIX Microservice Architecture

Alternative Investments Exchange (AIX) is a digital platform built to improve the process of alternative investing. In short, it enables industries to help advisors, broker-dealers, asset managers, agents and custodians streamline operations through automated processes, customizable workflows, and data integration.

Revitalizing FS Investment Marketing through Innovative Technologies

FS Investments is a leading asset manager used by individuals, financial professionals, and institutions, with the mission to design better portfolios. The firm provides access to alternative sources of income and growth, while focusing on setting industry standards for investor protection, education, and transparency. FS’ thoughtfully designed solutions combine differentiated strategies, top institutional managers, and investment structures that address investors’ needs. It manages a growing suite of funds designed for financial advisors, individuals, and institutions to achieve a variety of financial goals.

Helping Internal Staff Become Node.js Masters at Altran

Altran is a world-renowned leader in engineering and R&D services. Founded in France in 1982, it is recognized for its focus on transformation and innovation. Together with the junior engineering team, we organized and ran several training sessions in Node.js and JavaScript.

Printing Interface for HP 3D Printers

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a US-based company that specializes in computer hardware and software. HP was looking to develop and implement a user interface (UI) built with web technologies to control their new 3D printers. The UI was built with AngularJS on the Electron framework to run on specific environments.

Training JavaScript Students at Talent Garden

Talent Garden offers an unprecedented combination of creative coworking campuses, internal educational institution, and industry-driven events to connect tech talents. The mission is to create local, vibrant, globally connected campuses that empower digital and tech communities.

Testing Microsites & Landing Pages on the TV with Rakuten

Together with the Wuaki (now Rakuten) marketing team we designed the concept of landing pages for Smart TVs and Microsoft Xbox. By identifying the requirements and restrictions for TV browsers in their Smart TV testing lab, we were able to develop solutions that work on Xbox and all major TV models. These dynamic microsites help increase the conversion for Wuaki subscriptions.

Customer Service Center | UBS Intranet

In collaboration with Netcentric we developed the Search experience for the Customer Service Center in the UBS Intranet.

Prototype UI for HP Large Format Printers

Together with a small product team at HP, we developed the first prototypes for web-based user interfaces for Large Format Printers, as lightweight alternatives to the full Windows applications.

Transforming SaaS in the Fashion Industry with Wide Eyes Visual

Wide Eyes AI is a global SaaS AI leader focused on delivering value to the fashion industry, while creating a unique buying experience. Wide Eyes uses cutting-edge technologies, based on image recognition and deep learning, that improve online communication outcomes for B2B clients.

Miniguide - Hip guide by locals and for locals in Barcelona

Miniguide is a cultural magazine created for tourists, detailing exciting local things to do in Barcelona.